Advanced Technology

Our investment in advanced technology allows us to provide our patients with the finest orthodontic care available.

In House Diagnostic Records (Photos, X-rays and Impressions)

Because your time and convenience is important to us, all orthodontics records, including photographs, models, and X-rays, are taken right here in our office. This eliminates the need for our patients to travel to outside laboratories for these services which are necessary for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Digital Imaging

We have a digital Panoramic/Cephalometric radiograph machine. The Panoramic Digital Image provides Dr. Gonzalez with an instant panoramic view of the oral cavity showing all the teeth that are present and/or developing, existing restorations, and supporting bone as well as any pathology. The digital Cephalometric radiograph is specific to the orthodontic specialty and provides information about how the teeth fit in your jaw bones, how your jaw bones fit to each other and how you are growing. It is reported that Digital radiography reduces radiation by as much as 80 percent over film based systems. Your health and safety are paramount to us!


Our investment in computer software and technology allows us to run our office as efficiently as possible. We make sure our computer system takes care of the technicalities so that we can spend our time serving our patients.


On our website you will find helpful tools and information to aid you before, during and after your orthodontic treatment. The content and links will help guide you on your journey to a beautiful smile.

Free Wi-Fi

You can take advantage of our wi-fi during your visit to the office. You can ask the receptionist for the network password.

Keeping it Green

We are committed to a sustainable planet. By using digital technology and e-mail instead of paper and postage we greatly reduce the environmental impact on the planet